The Emory Wellness Program offers a variety of health and fitness programs for students, faculty, and staff. Program offerings focus on physical activity, nutrition, and stress management through various activities such as wellness challenges, clinics, workshops, and special events. The mission of the wellness program is to encourage the Emory community to make healthy lifestyle choices by promoting physical activity, healthy eating habits, and mental well-being. 

We promote health and well-being through educational programs that encourage frequent physical activity and informed lifestyle choices.

Physical Activity

Nike told us to ‘Just Do It’, so the Wellness team just does it by focusing on making going to the gym and working out for the regular college student fun. Need motivation? Just enter in one of our monthly fitness challenges. Need guidance? The Wellness team hosts special events like small group training with certified fitness instructors! Strapped for cash? Look out for some of our free exercise workshops where you and your friends can do yoga on the quad or kick butt with XFit!


Between classes and work responsibilities, being in a new environment, and cultural changes, it’s not always a college student’s top priority to make good nutritional choices. Whether it’s not having enough time and cash or being a very choosy eater, the Wellness Team strives to make it easier for Emory students to make healthy food choices through monthly recipe cards and fun, engaging workshops.

Mental Well-Being

Being a college student is tough. Having a social life, sleeping an adequate amount, all while maintaining one’s GPA can put the typical college student in a high-stress frenzy. The Wellness Team aims to educate students on stress, motivate individuals to make stress-relieving choices, and empower Emory eagles to conquer the day and ultimately their college career.  


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John Ridgway
Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness 

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