Physical Education

Effective Fall 2023 the General Education Requirements (GER) are:

GOLD GER (For students starting Fall 2022 or earlier)

Area IX. Physical Education and Dance (PED)

Requirement: Two one-hour courses, one of which must be a Principles of Physical Fitness (PPF) course.  Unless otherwise noted, courses may be taken for a letter grade or as Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory to meet the GER’s.

Students cannot repeat for credit a PED course unless that course has an “R” by its number, e.g., PE 184R.  Students may take only 1 PPF course throughout their entire career at Emory.  They may no longer take a 2nd PPF course to meet their other PED requirement.  The exceptions to this are DANC 225 & DANC 226; students may take a DANC PPF if they have already taken a PE PPF, but not vice versa.

  • Oxford continues who have taken a course that is considered a PPF equivalent have met the PPF requirement both for graduation and as a prerequisite for upper level courses which require a PPF prerequisite.  They may not take a PPF at Emory.  Oxford PPF equivalents are PE100, PE101, PE102, PE103, PE104, PE 105, PE 106, PE107, PE109, PE112, PE150
  • All students may take as many PED (non-PPF) courses as they choose.
  • Once a student has met the requirements for Area IX of the GER’s, they may not register during their pre-registration period for PED’s for the next semester.  They may add PED classes during drop/add/swap.  This is so that students who need classes to meet the requirements receive priority in pre-registering.
  • There are no exemptions from the physical education requirements.  Students with significant health or medical conditions may enroll in PE 399R Adaptive Physical Education with supporting documentation from ODS.

BLUE GER (For students starting Fall 2023 and later)

Success at Emory

All first-year students in Emory College are required to complete a set of three courses, jointly helping them achieve “Success at Emory” during their first year at Emory. This timed requirement supports the transition to Emory by helping students to develop skills for academic and personal success. It builds community among incoming students while familiarizing them with the liberal arts process and showcasing the importance of health and well-being.

Students must complete:

  • ECS 101 - (1 course taken on an S/U basis)
  • HLTH 100 -  (1 course taken on a letter-grade basis)
  • PE [PED] - (1 course)

Timeframe: This area must be completed by the end of the first-year.

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