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Pool party reservation requests are now being accepted. Read policies and request a reservation below.



 All requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the first day of the event in order to be given consideration.



Department of Athletics facilities are available for Emory University departments and student organizations to reserve for meeting, tournaments, charity events, and other types of functions.

Events that are approved for use of space without a facility rental fee must be sponsored solely by an Emory organization and may not be co-sponsored by outside organizations. Student organizations must provide an Emory speedtype at the time they request a reservation. Request forms without a speedtype or request forms without complete information will not be processed.

Student organizations must submit requests at least two weeks prior to their event. We strongly suggest that organizations sponsoring a large event; an event with a band; or an event with food, drinks or games, submit the request much farther in advance.

All organizations must get written approval PRIOR to advertising the event. Cancellations must be received in writing at least one week prior to the first date of the event, or the sponsoring organization may be responsible for paying a processing fee. 

Specific Policies & Procedures for Reservations

  1. All requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the first day of the event in order to be given consideration.  Requests will not be considered until complete information is provided, including the speedtype account number of the sponsoring organization. Changes to requests may be made by email.
  2. The Department of Athletics will notify the sponsoring organization’s representative within 3-5 business days by e-mail if the date is open and will tentatively schedule the group’s event. The group does not get final confirmation of approval for the event until they meet with the Departmental representative to review the details of the event. The department has the right to rescind the tentative staff approval if the group does not fulfill the obligations set forth in this policy document.
  3. The sponsoring organization must provide confirmation that they have made appropriate arrangements with Emory Customer Service (404-727-7463) for items such as tables, chairs, trash cans, and trash pick-up. Also, any deliveries from outside vendors must be planned in advance and delivery times communicated to the Facilities Staff. All deliveries must be approved by the the department.
  4. The department reserves the right to limit the amount of time provided to the sponsoring organization for set-up and cleanup. Special circumstances that require more time for set-up or cleanup will be considered on an individual basis.
  5. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for canceling the event at least one week prior to the first date of the event.
  6. The department has the right to cancel the event due to inclement weather, or if the facility is deemed unsuitable for occupancy for any reason. 
  7. The department also has the right to bill the sponsoring organization’s account for any damages to facilities or equipment, or if any additional staffing or additional cleanup is required.
  8. All Greek organizations must contact the Office of Fraternity/Sorority Life for approval for their event PRIOR to completing the WPEC Facility Reservation Request form. Contact Office of Fraternity/Sorority Life in Raoul Hall 1st floor or at 404-727-4142.
  9. The department not host events for the purpose of raising money for an individual or group of individuals. The department will not host events that raise money for an organization unless the money is to be donated to a specific charity. If an event is organized to raise money (e.g., tickets will be sold, entry fees charged, or food/beverages sold), the sponsoring organization must have a prior arrangement with a charity or service organization and all profits (other than any operating costs) must be donated to the charity. There may be a rental fee assessed for use of facilities if money is being raised for any purpose.
  10. If an event will have participants who are not current Emory students or faculty/staff/alumni with paid memberships, those participants are required to purchase guest passes OR a rental fee may apply to the event. Guest passes are $10 per person per day. Purchase of the guest passes should be arranged prior to the event, and these guests will be required to present the passes upon entry to the facility. Event organizers must notify the department in advance if non-Emory guests will participate in the event. If such guest participation is found to occur without prior notice, the reservation may be cancelled and the organization may be restricted from future reservations.
  11. All activity areas are cleared 15 minutes prior to the scheduled closing time.

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