About Us

Recreation Staff

April Flint, PhD

Director of Recreation and Wellness

Alyssa O'Keefe

Associate Director of Recreation and Wellness

Juliana Frigerio

Assistant Director of Intramurals and Club Sports

John Ridgway

Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness

Marcus Adan

Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness

Samantha O'Brien

Coordinator, Intramurals and Club Sports

Corey Jones

Coordinator of Evening and Weekend Well-being Programs

Kristin Sliger

Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation

Paul Johnson

Coordinator, Member Services

Martine Occeas

Administrative Assistant

Bryce Bilodeau

Graduate Assistant of Intramurals and Club Sports

Sydney Harris

Graduate Assistant of Fitness and Wellness

Athletic Facilities Staff

Michael Hyde

Associate Director, Athletic Facilities

Davetta Lackey

Assistant Director, Athletic & Recreation Facilities & Operations

Gracie Gould

Aquatics Coordinator

Greg Lewis

Assistant Director, Athletic Facilities and Events

Bobbie Whipple

Customer Service Representative

Contact Us

26 Eagle Row. Atlanta, Georgia 30322 USA


404.727.6551 (WPEC Member Services Office)

404.712.2431 (SAAC Member Services Desk)