Physical Education

Our Play Fusion courses combine in-class instruction and out-of-class self-selected activities. Students who enroll in Play Fusion courses are required to complete 24  hours of physical activity throughout the semester outside of their weekly class meeting. A list of this semester’s Play Fusion courses can be found under Current Course Offerings.

The first two weeks of each class will include an orientation to program guidelines and instruction in the fundamentals of fitness training and safety principles. This orientation will include all details about the Play Fusion program, and outline the activities that are available to earn hours and the expectations for participants. It will also include instructions about how to log activity and an Honor Code statement.

Logging Hours for Credit

All students participating in Play Fusion courses can check their personal activity tracking sheet online HERE. Students can find the total hours they've earned, and the dates and credits for the activities they have completed.

Each student must complete 24  hours of physical activity within 15 weeks (one semester). A student can earn no more than 90 minutes per day and no more than 4 hours per week; a week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Attendance during regularly scheduled class hours does not count toward the 24  hour requirement. Students with fewer than 8 hours logged by the mid-way point in the semester will receive a -10% grade penalty in their course. The program is designed to encourage students to participate in a wide variety of physical activities and to build habits of consistency.

Ways to Earn Credit

Workout Facilities (Woodruff PE Center and SAAC)

Students may work out at either the WPEC or the SAAC during designated hours to earn credit (see Google calendar for hours available each day). Workouts may consist of cardio exercise on the machines or tracks, strength training, group exercise classes, basketball, racquet sports, etc. For each workout a participant must check in with a Supervisor to begin the electronic tracking of their activity. At least once during that workout, their participation and work effort must be confirmed by a Supervisor. Once that activity is completed, the participant must immediately check out with the Supervisor to end their activity tracking and earn credit. Students will not earn credit if they leave without checking out with a Supervisor.  Once the activity is completed and confirmed, an email will be sent to the participant stating the details of the completed activity. Each participant's tracking sheet will be constantly updated online to show the participant's progress. This tracking sheet can be accessed by the participant and by the course instructor.

Students may not earn credit at off-campus fitness facilities.

Independent Cardio Activities

Students may participate in a limited number of hours of outdoor independent activities such as running or cycling, provided that they can document their distance, speed, and route with a smartphone application. Students must send screenshots so that the Coordinator can see the full profile of their workout for it to be entered into the tracking system. Hours credited are up to the discretion of the Coordinator.

Intramural Sports

Students may participate in a limited number of hours of Intramural Sports for credit. They must sign in on-site with an Intramural supervisor with their EmoryCard, and email the dates of their participation to the Play Fusion Coordinator.

Wellness Seminars

Students may participate in a limited number of hours of various wellness seminars sponsored by Student Health, Office of Sustainability, and others. Check the Google calendar for updated listings of approved opportunities, including dates, times, locations, and registration requirements.

Service Events

Selected service work through Volunteer Emory can be used for credit, such as MLK Day On, Alternative Breaks, and Emory Cares Day. Registration, documentation, and deadline information will be posted on the Google Calendar throughout the semester.

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