Physical Education

Play 4 Life is the new approach to Physical Education.  Our goal is to build health and wellness through physical activity for all students regardless of prior experience or fitness. With that end, our curriculum includes a wide variety of activity choices. These courses promote a knowledge and experience of physical and emotional health, bodily movement, individual and team sports, and various recreational activities as integral to the education of the whole person.

All undergraduate students are required to take a course tagged as a PPF (Principles of Physical Fitness) and a course tagged as a PED (Physical Education and Dance). Both PPF and PED courses can be taught under the Play Fusion model, described below. Please see Current Course Offerings for an updated list of courses each semester, and General Education Requirements for particulars regarding enrollment.

PPF (Principles of Physical Fitness)

Each PPF course integrates a core of classroom-based content with instruction in a specific physical activity. Students apply the cognitive components to a semester-long learning progression in their chosen activity. The curriculum includes ACSM recommendations for the five health-related components of fitness and current concepts in nutrition. These courses provide the foundation for students to choose activities which meet health and fitness goals throughout their college experience and beyond, and translate cognitive concepts into lifestyle habits. 

PED (Physical Education and Dance)

A wide array of elective courses are offered in contemporary fitness activities, lifetime recreational pursuits, and mind-body disciplines to promote the maintenance of life-long fitness and a sustainable enthusiasm for physical activity. These courses not only provide breadth and variety, but help to reinforce the patterns established in earlier courses, and transform students into confident, well-rounded active adults.

Play Fusion

Our Play Fusion courses (formerly "Play Emory") are an opportunity for students to earn credit through a combination of in-class instruction and a flexible active lifestyle program. Students who enroll in Play Fusion courses are required to complete 24 hours of physical activity throughout the semester outside of their weekly class meeting.  They can choose from a variety of self-selected fitness activities, independent or structured recreational programs, group exercise classes, service activities, campus events, and wellness seminars.