Physical Education

Effective Fall 2011 for all existing students with a graduation date of Dec. 2011 or thereafter, the General Education Requirements (GER) are:

Area IX. Physical Education and Dance (PED)

Requirement: Two one-hour courses, one of which must be a Principles of Physical Fitness (PPF) course.  Unless otherwise noted, courses may be taken for a letter grade or as Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory to meet the GER’s.

Students cannot repeat for credit a PED course unless that course has an “R” by its number, e.g., PE 184R.  Students may take only 1 PPF course throughout their entire career at Emory.  They may no longer take a 2nd PPF course to meet their other PED requirement.  The exceptions to this are DANC 225 & DANC 226; students may take a DANC PPF if they have already taken a PE PPF, but not vice versa.

  • Oxford continues who have taken a course that is considered a PPF equivalent have met the PPF requirement both for graduation and as a prerequisite for upper level courses which require a PPF prerequisite.  They may not take a PPF at Emory.  Oxford PPF equivalents are PE100, PE101, PE102, PE103, PE104, PE 105, PE 106, PE107, PE109, PE112, PE150
  • All students may take as many PED (non-PPF) courses as they choose.
  • Once a student has met the requirements for Area IX of the GER’s, they may not register during their pre-registration period for PED’s for the next semester.  They may add PED classes during drop/add/swap.  This is so that students who need classes to meet the requirements receive priority in pre-registering.
  • There are no exemptions from the physical education requirements.  Students with significant health or medical conditions may enroll in PE 399R Adaptive Physical Education with supporting documentation from ODS.